County Chapters

Benefits of a Chapter

  • Provides an avenue for members to express suggestions and/or concerns to yourschool and county administration.
  • Provides a means to inform fellow teachers of the philosophy and goals of WVPE
  • Provides opportunities for members to have representation on WVPE’s State Executive Board.
  • Enables each chapter to receive a yearly rebate of $10.00 for each active member to carry out activities.



How to Form a County Chapter

  1. Adopt a set of by-laws (You may request some samples from WVPE)
  2. Elect Officers and notify WVPE who your current president is
  3. Decide how often you would like to meet, when and where
  4. Decide any activities you wish to pursue


Possible Activities

  • Have a beginning of the year picnic for members and their families; invite prospective members, administration and members of the local BOE.
  • Have a representative of your chapter attend every board meeting
  • Provide "Welcome Bags" to all new teachers with WVPE brochures, coupons from local businesses and brochures about the local community
  • Celebrate American Education Week in November by sponsoring a poster contest or donate books to school libraries
  • Arrange for a meeting with state legislators from your county either before or during the legislative session
  • Recognize National Teachers’ Day in May with a small gift or some type of recognition to all teachers in your county
  • Host a reception for all professional retirees in your county
  • Present awards to graduating high school seniors who plan to major in education
  • Encourage each school to design and pay for a flag to be displayed on the main street of your town or city
  • Take out an advertisement in you local newspaper to recognize the accomplishments of a student or students
  • Provide information about candidates and the districts they represent for Board of Education elections.
  • Publish a Newsletter to WVPE members in your county

Current County Chapters

We currently have members in 45 of the 55 counties in West Virginia.  Several counties that do not have an official chapter have individuals willing to be a county contact person.